Windows 10: The Gizmodo Review

Windows 10: The Gizmodo Review

Windows 10 defies review.

It's not a finished product. It will never be a finished product, if you believe Microsoft. Like Apple with Mac OS X, Microsoft has decided that the tenth version of their operating system will be the final one -- it will just get updated, year after year.

Only with Windows 10, even some already-announced features aren't quite here. On Windows phones, Xbox One game consoles, and reality-bending headsets like Microsoft HoloLens, Windows 10 has totally different interfaces we haven't even tried yet. Sooner or later, Windows 10 is coming to all these platforms too.

More importantly, Windows 10 is coming to hundreds of millions of PC users, each person installing it on a slightly different computer, installing different apps and using different features. "We're making pizza for 1.5 billion people," Windows 10 user experience manager Mohammed Samji likes to joke. "What topping do you want?"

No one person or publication can review all those different experiences. Not even the ones available today, to say nothing of the ones to come.

Which is why many Windows 10 reviews you'll see on the web are just an overview of the new features you can expect to see, and a cursory idea of how well they work. Not that there's anything wrong with overviews! Here's a great one:

But what we decided to do, instead, is tackle Windows 10 totally anecdotally. These are our experiences with Windows 10. The things we discovered, good and bad. Not necessarily the shiniest new shiny things, but the parts of the new operating system that actually impacted us for better or for worse. Chief among them: the upgrade process itself. What did we find broken after we installed?

This is not a complete list. There's much, much more to test, and so we'll be adding to this post (we've added six since this piece was published!) as we experience new things. Our week with Windows 10 was just the start.

What you should take away from this is that your mileage may, can, and will vary. And, yeah, that you should probably wait a few weeks or months before you upgrade your personal computers. Everyone seems to agree on that.

OK, ok, you'd probably like to read about an operating system now. Here we go!

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Windows 10 Uses Your Bandwidth to Distribute Updates, Disable It Here

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Download Offline Maps on Windows 10 and Never Be Lost Again

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How to Do a Clean Install of Windows 10

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Check These 5 Settings After Installing Windows 10

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Windows 10 Meta Review: Download It, In A Month or Two

Windows 10: The Gizmodo Review

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    Tried it out on a friend's Surface. It's ace. I have an iMac 5K but I'll definitely be buying a Surface Pro 4 when the opportunity arises.

      Just another option for you if it fits. If you don't need the touch interface, then why not just wait for BootCamp to be updated and just install Windows 10 on your Mac?

        You can already install Windows 10 via BootCamp

          I know but experience (at least first hand to me) is to wait a while as Apple of late use a best effort for the BootCamp drivers.

          When I installed Windows 8 I had no end of headaches because the drivers were only good enough for Windows 7.

          Like Snow Leopard, good BootCamp drivers are a thing of the past and it helps to exercise some caution and at least wait for another version to come out before a major update of Windows on one's Mac.

        I had Windows 8 installed on my MacPro before I sold it, it's fine, but I had 4 hard drive bays in the MacPro so I could dedicate a drive to Widnows.

        I don't want to partition my 1TB Flash in the iMac. I only have 200GB left as it is.

    It's awesome for the most part. Only annoying thing is the blurry text when trying to enlarge at high resolutions. This was also present in Win8 but could be fixed using the "Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays". Unfortunately MS removed this in Win10 and instead have the option to change some (definitely not all) the font sizes. This still doesn't fix a lot of menu options and apps (e.g. Steam, which looks horrible). Needed to trawl through many threads before I found a script you can run on logon which mostly helps.

    Last edited 12/08/15 1:14 pm

    I installed it on my PC and laptop in the last week. Zero problems so far, and some of the things that broke when I upgraded my laptop to Windows 8 are now working again in Windows 10! Magic! (Although I should add that I upgraded the laptop, it appeared to have all sorts of issues with the proprietary Lenovo software, but then did a clean install and everything works fine.

    Install took about half an hour on my desktop with SSD, took about 3 hours on my laptop with physical HDD.

    I agree that the settings/control panel mix is confusing. I don't know why they haven't integrated all the detailed control panel stuff into the new settings under "advanced settings". Other than that I highly recommend upgrading, especially if you're on windows 8.

    I know this isn't really the place to ask, but my desktop hasn't got the notification for upgrade and I believe it's legit. What do?

      I was in the same boat so I downloaded the Media Creation Tool which is used to create installation ISOs. Plus it means I didn't have to download the upgrade separately for PC and laptop.

      You can download the upgrade immediately, effectively queue jumping people who have "reserved" their copy through the update tool. One thing to note is that booting/installing directly from the ISO didn't work for me because it wouldn't accept my Windows 8 product key, but running the installer from within Windows 8 worked fine.

    So far win10 has been a pretty good upgrade from windows 7 ultimate - relatively trouble free.

    My main pain is drivers. At the moment I no longer have no 5.1 channel sound since the update and my Samsung ssd software doesn't recognize win10 as an operating system, so rapid mode doesn't work :(

    My PC specs for reference - 980ti (gigabyte g1 gaming), 16gb ram, 4790k cpu (noctua 14s cooler), Maximus Ranger mobo, Samsung 850 evo ssd (250gb), 4tb storage hdd & 850 watt psu - with a bit of an overclock

    I've ruined one tablet by installing Windows 10 on it. I can't see any way to roll it back to Windows 8, so I'll be putting it up on eBay in the hope that some idiot will think they are getting a good deal. Beyond that, Microsoft have a helluva lot of work to do before I'll be putting Windows 10 on ay of my other PCs.

    I downloaded and installed Windows 10 yesterday 8/11/15, and deleted it within 4 hours. Every time I clicked on a program it would freeze up and I would have to shut my laptop completed off, and it would freeze up again and again. So I restored my previous version of Windows...8.1.

    installed it and loved it, couldn't get GTA V running without a random D3D crash to desktop error. Rolled back to 8.1 until they fix it

    I had major dramas with my install, mostly because I moved my User profiles off my SSD, and onto D:. Win 10 didn't consider this (despite perfect Junction links). So I had to do a clean install. It took me a couple of attempts to find you can't simply log into Admin and move the folders and junction them as you could in the past.
    The only way to do it in Win10 is with Sysprep, running an unattended install script. After I did that, all has worked well so far. I have my Users on D:, and my OS on C:.
    The instruction I used, that worked fine is below, Method 1.

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