Windows 10 Is Coming To Xbox, And Other Microsoft News From Gamescom

Windows 10 Is Coming To Xbox, And Other Microsoft News From Gamescom

Been living under a rock for the last week? Here’s a snapshot of some of the news you might have missed from the world’s largest computer and video games event.

Windows 10 Is Coming To Xbox One In November: We knew Microsoft’s vision of one operating system across its hardware would be gracing the Xbox One in time, and now we’re more certain when that will be happening. During its Gamescom press conference, Microsoft announced Windows 10 would be available for Xbox One in November.

Xbox Live Is Officially Coming To Microsoft HoloLens: Because the HoloLens is a part of the Universal Windows Platform, it’s able to access the Xbox Live API — and that means it should be able to use Xbox Live features like seamless multiplayer gaming straight out of the box. Now we just have to wait for it to come out as a real device.

Microsoft Will Put Its Own Games On Xbox Early Access: Since announcing Xbox Game Preview (Xbox’s version of Early Access) at E3, Microsoft has had “a mad rush from the game development community” to be part of its pilot program — and even Microsoft itself plans to release its own first-party games through the service.

The Xbox One Just Made A Mockery Out Of Nintendo’s Virtual Console: Thanks to the release of Rare Replay today, Xbox One owners will now be able to play seven Nintendo 64 classics on Microsoft’s console. Nintendo’s current console, the Wii U, only sells people the chance to play six.