Whoever Found HitchBOT Took Him To See Kevin Smith Last Night

Whoever Found HitchBOT Took Him To See Kevin Smith Last Night

The hitchBOT story just keeps getting weirder. After getting beheaded in Philly this past weekend, some people thought he’d be lost forever. But that little hitchhiking robot (now headless) has popped up again. This time hitchBOT made an appearance in Brooklyn with director Kevin Smith.

Apparently whoever found hitchBOT contacted the Canadian researchers that made him and promised that he’d return the mangled robot. But hitchBOT’s rescuers are reportedly huge fans of Kevin Smith and thought hitchBOT should make a little detour.

They reached out to a podcaster named Scott Holden, host of a podcast about all things Kevin Smith, who encouraged this anonymous person to bring hitchBOT to a Mallrats screening in Brooklyn last night. Which is precisely what they did. Interestingly, they didn’t bring hitchBOT on stage.

Holden emailed me these photos of hitchBOT, taken near last night’s Nitehawk Cinema event. He says that he’ll be telling the whole story about the anonymous person who found hitchBOT on his podcast later today.

No word yet if that person is going to actually mail hitchBOT back to those Canadian researchers. But we do know that at least those vloggers don’t have poor hitchBOT anymore.