This Month In Australian Dashcams: You Can't Drive

If there's one thing I love more than insane dashcam videos, it's hearing what people are listening to in their cars when it all starts to go pear-shaped.

In this month's dashcam compilation from Dashcam Owners Australia, we see that people really can't help spinning out, doing stupid shit and generally swearing at other motorists.

Just on that note, this video contains some pretty strong language.


    Does this sort of thing mostly happen to Bogans?

      Dickhead drivers are even more prevalent in the more luxurious cars in my experience.

      @wsdk_ii @madwog @mavx4 @hinee
      Maybe I should have been more succinct, I was talking about the language being used for these recordings. I've noticed that Bogans are more likely to use the foulest of it in any given situation!

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        I'm a relatively normal, unbogan dude and would make a sailor blush if I was involved in any of these videos. These idiots need to be put in their place. I have no time for shit drivers.

          Bogan check:
          Q1 Are you likely to wear thongs or go barefoot inappropriately
          Q2 Are you likely to swear like a sailor in public places
          Q3 Are you likely to dress like you browse regularly at an opshop
          Q4 Do your kids swear the same as in Q1
          Q5 do you spend more money on booze than your family
          Q6 do you spend more money blinging out your V8 than your family
          Q7 Do your kids run around in their underpants or nude in the neighborhood
          If you answered yes to any two of these questions, you are likely a Bogan. :)

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            Your own car is hardly a public place. I am not a bogan, I swear like a sailor, but I certainly don't say that stuff around people I don't know.

    Would not believe this actually happens if there was no video. This is why every car should have a dash cam installed.

      As long as the user is unable to delete or modify footage. Otherwise someone could kill a pedestrian in a hit/run and provide edited footage as evidence that they didn't commit it.

      Then you also have the situation where police can pull you over, download your data and book you for speeding based on the video.

        Basically as long as it can't be edited...but it's entirely voluntary to submit it, it should be ok. Although then you could get into the nasty area of court subpoenas and such I suppose (though if it automatically loop records, it'd be gone before the courts got around to it).

        True, I would hope police wouldn't do that but wouldn't be surprised. We're not all perfect drivers and dashcam would show that but the purpose would be purely for these idiots. Even more so when they claim you were at fault but then show them the video footage.

        Firstly, they're time stamped, second, don't you think it'd be a bit obvious if there was a major section of a drive missing from the video? Going from one street, to the other side of town in two seconds would be a bit obvious...

        And no, they can't pull you over and download the data, they'd need a warrant to even look at it, same reason they can't demand to look at the GPS data on your phone when they pull you over to see if you've been speeding. Plus, what have you got to hide in the end?

    Every time I watch these videos, I remind myself why I need to buy myself a dashcam lol

      Exactly why I bought one last month. So many really shit drivers out there.
      Cops should be able to use this footage as evidence of crimes, or a minimum to coerce drivers to retake driving tests / courses.

      I have been wanting to for sometime but I want it to be one that connects to the power directly and installed properly.. just haven't got around to it..

    Unbelievable. I've truthfully found it's mostly Euro drivers that do some of the dumbest shit I've ever witnessed, (as proved by this vid). Hilux drivers are getting up there too I've noticed from that.

    Seriously though.. as i always say.. it's not really speed that kills. it's stupidity.. and it normally comes from lack of indication or pulling a dumbshit maneuver.

    Love the first one with the trailer. Rode Road roundabout at Everton Hills.

      The way the police use "speed was a contributing factor" is a purely physics point of view. If either vehicle was in motion, speed was a contributing factor.

        It's pretty hard to have an accident when both vehicles are stationary! Maybe that's the end goal with the endless reductions in speed limits ;)

      i used to live about 50 meters up the road from that Roundabout, and that shit happened DAILY on that round about.
      while sitting at that roundabout i saw a truck slam into the car next to me and Jet it into the middle of the roundabout, scared the SHIT outta me because i was in that lane only 10 second prior.
      I watched a truck carrying a bobcat tip over at the EXACT spot that guy spins out.
      Saw a van get Tboned by a sideways sedan and a motorbike slide out and end up under a HILUX.

      Its a hellishly horrible section of road as soon as there was a little moister on it that round about became a ice rink.

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    I watched this without sound, but I could here every little scrape that red peugeot made going over that island.

      I actually put my headphones on to see if you could actually hear each scrape xD

    Some make me go "Aw, thats just an honest mistake" others make this think "what the fuck were they thinking!" lol

    This sort of sh!t makes me look forward to self driving cars, as it doesn't matter how safe you drive, it'll be some irresponsible POS that slams into you.

    These are insane, but I also gotta say some of these roads look like they were designed by a 8 year old scribbling the traffic layout on the hallway wall with a crayon.

    I don't understand the mentality of drivers who hold up everyone else while they cut across 3 lanes of traffic. You made a mistake, suck it up, drive further up the road do a u-turn and come back. It's your fault.

    Haha, I like the 4WD who smashed into the back of the hatchback for no reason. Probably thinks "I have it on video, they cut me off!" but instead it shows the 4WD as at-fault.

    Pretty sure I just heard the guy at 0:50 spill his beer.

    "Get off the meth, ya cunt".

    I think that says it all.

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