The World's Fastest Man Can't Outrun The Future

The World's Fastest Man Can't Outrun the Future

Or is it the past? Either way, during a 20-minute victory lap at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing, the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, was hit and knocked to the ground by one of the world's most overhyped gadgets.

The incident happened shortly after Bolt had beaten American sprinter Justin Gatlin in the 200m event at Beijing's Bird's Nest stadium. A videographer capturing a tracking shot of Bolt while riding a Segway accidentally hit one of the supports on a camera track, lost control of the self-balancing-but-definitely-not-a-hoverboard-vehicle, and crashed into the world's fastest man.

Bolt limped away from the accident, and later revealed a cut on the back of his leg to his reporter. But was not worried the injury would hinder future races or performances.

[YouTube via USA Today]

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