Siri Has Another Cool Feature: Saving Lives

Siri Has Another Cool Feature: Saving Lives

If you’re ever trapped under a truck, the last person you’d think to call for help would probably your creepy digital assistant. But as Siri recently proved, even fake humans can sometimes save lives.

As Fox 17 reports, a young teenager working under his (poorly propped-up) truck had the thing fall on him, trapping his arms and preventing him from calling for help. Salvation was found in the form of Siri’s ‘beep-beep’ activation noise, making him realise he was sitting on his phone.

By “pushing up on his hips” (quiet, there in the back), our unnamed hero was able to activate Siri, and use her to dial 911, bringing actual humans to his aid.

(Of course, if he’d had a recent Android phone with voice-activated Google Now, the hip-thrusting could have been avoided. But that wouldn’t make for nearly as good a story.)

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