Presto's Latest Ad Cries Havoc, Lets Slip Dogs Of Netflix War

Video: Expect to never see Naomi Watts in a Netflix Original ever: here she is in Presto's latest campaign dissing the living hell out of the US streaming service.

The streaming wars are heading into your ad breaks thanks to this new ad from Foxtel and Seven's Presto streaming service, which is slamming Netflix for being foreign.

Watts, playing a diva character in the new campaign, says of the unnamed US streaming service: I'll tell you when I really do become a drama queen? When an on-demand service from America tries to serve us Aussies all sizzle and no sausage."

Basically, Presto is hyping up both its catalogue (read: deal with HBO) and the upcoming 5.1 surround sound update.

For what it's worth, Presto does have a swathe of HBO content like Entourage, Deadwood and The Wire, but it still doesn't have Game Of Thrones. For that you'll be paying extra.

Also, does anyone else think its weird that Presto is slamming a US-based service for not having US-based content to serve up to Australian audiences? I'm confused.

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