Optus Is Beefing Up Its Sharing Plan To Give You More Mobile Data

You'd really think that having all of your family's services on the one bill would give you more benefits by now, right? Well, Optus is hoping to introduce one you'll actually go for with a beefed up data sharing plan that lets you pool more of the precious internet between each other to use.

Optus' old data sharing plan only allowed you to share data between services on a mobile MyPlan service. That meant users on mobile broadband plans were ineligible to share in the data pool. That restriction is now being lifted.

Anyone on a mobile broadband plan or mobile device plan can now access the data pooled together by Optus broadband customers on the same bill.

Say for example one member of the family goes over the data on their phone, but the other is dramatically under their data allowance, the overspender won't be charged extra for more data. Instead, that user will draw more data out of the pool that another person may not be using.

You can track the whole pool with online tools.

Optus is also increasing the data offered to customers on its $60 My Mobile Broadband Plus plan, giving users 12GB of data to use per month.

Does data sharing work for you? Let us know in the comments.

Image via Shutterstock

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