Get Ready For Apple's TV Streaming Service

The next iPhone is inbound, and we can't wait to see it on 9 September, but what else will we see? According to a new report, we're about to get a brand new Apple TV, which will lay the groundwork for Apple's-own TV streaming service.

According to a report from those in the know at 9to5Mac, the fourth-generation Apple TV will be unveiled at the 9 September event in San Francisco, with several key new features.

New gear will include Siri integration, a shiny new remote, a development kit for long-awaited apps and the foundations of an Apple-made streaming service set to launch in 2016.

All this new functionality will reportedly cost you, however. It's being pegged that the new fourth-generation Apple TV will cost around $US200. In a bid to fight off competitors from Google and Roku, Apple will apparently be keeping the third-generation Apple TV around for less than $100.

Gizmodo Australia will be at Apple's event in a few weeks to bring you all the news!

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