Garmin's New GPS Watch Looks Like A Classic Digital Casio

Garmin's New GPS Watch Looks Like a Classic Digital Casio

If there's one product the miniaturisation of electronics has benefitted, it's watches. Garmin's new Forerunner 25 manages to squeeze GPS, fitness tracking, and even basic notifications into a wearable device that reminds us of Casio's classic digital watches that could only tell time.

But don't expect the Forerunner 25 to help you navigate through the woods on your next hiking trip. Its GPS capabilities are instead used for accurate distance, pace, and speed tracking while you're out for a run. Water resistant to a depth of 50m, the Forerunner 25 can be paired with an optional chest strap for accurate heart rate monitoring during an intense workout, but it's just as useful for those days when you're being not so active with a step counter and reminder when you've been sitting around for too long.

Garmin's New GPS Watch Looks Like a Classic Digital Casio

Available in September, the Forerunner 25 will sell for $219 in Australia, or $269 with an included heart rate monitor. And there will be two versions to choose from: a larger faced version with 10 hours of battery life in training mode, or 10 weeks in its basic activity tracking mode. Or a smaller-faced version with a reduced battery life of eight hours or eight weeks in those same modes. But all of them come in bright retro colours that will probably remind a lot of us of the first digital watches we owned.

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