Crazy Runner Runs Along A Terrifyingly Narrow Ridge Of A Mountain

Crazy runner runs along a terrifyingly narrow ridge of a mountain

Sure, this is totally normal behaviour. See mountain, hike mountain, run mountain. But not when the ridge of the mountain is so ridiculously narrow that you're basically standing on a 2D structure where you can just as easily fall off on either side. But that's nothing to Sebastien Montaz-Rosset, he runs and leaps and jumps all across the edge of the mountain like it's not a big deal at all.

The video, which was pointed out by Digg, is titled 'Evening Jog'. I'll say.


    Isn't that the mountain from GTA V? ;D

      Exactly! Do it in a tank that you airlifted up with a cargobob, then I'll be impressed :P

    Hasn't this been done before using a mountain bike ?

    Most of the perceived drop is due to an excessive fish-eye lens. Pause the video at 25s, and see how the trees warp away to the left and right of the precipice.

    We are in a world today with people being involved in 'extreme, look at me, index finger in the air, physical activities which prove nothing, but to the individual -look-at-me person we say, 'big deal, so what' yeah yeah, freakin' moron, what's the point'.
    If these individuals were not so self-important, their excess energy would be put to better use in helping disabled people be pushed in their wheelchairs for a tour of their suburb, or physically carrying disabled kids on a fun-run, or taking elderly people on a shopping trip.
    Extreme sports also create injuries requiring rescue teams and equipment to transport them to a hospital bed, which should have been given to an elderly lady with a broken leg being delayed for emergency treatment, due to an idiot entering the realm of, 'extreme idiot'.

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