Aussie Streaming Site EzyFlix Is Dead

Aussie Streaming Site EzyFlix Is Dead

There will be casualties in the streaming wars. Australia’s EzyFlix is one of the first.

EzyFlix was an entirely digital movie and TV store; it’s the online streaming partner of DVD and Blu-ray retailer EzyDVD, which used to have retail outlets but is now almost entirely online-only as well. With an EzyFlix account, customers were able to purchase video content, have it stored indefinitely online, then access it from PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Smart TVs — including the Google Chromecast dongle — as often as they wanted.

To that end, EzyFlix was one of the two big UltraViolet brands in Australia, too — it allowed you to redeem any Blu-ray or DVD movie you bought from EzyDVD with the UltraViolet logo, getting a digital copy stored online for you to download or stream whenever you want.

But the dream was too good to be true for Aussies. Nobody wanted it, and yesterday it shuttered the site.

Those who had purchased UltraViolet titles are now being directed to MyUV to continue accessing their digital titles. That’s the good thing about UV: if one portal shutters, users can continue to access their titles.

The EzyFlix site is a digital relic now, with the stream team leaving only a courtesy message in their wake:

Thank you for having been a part of EzyFlix. Access Digital Entertainment has decided to end the service offered on this site. If you have rented or purchased any movies or TV shows, these movies are no longer available on EzyFlix.
If you have purchased or redeemed an UltraViolet title through EzyFlix these may be accessed through several other digital movie services. Please go here and log in with your UltraViolet credentials for further information.
The EzyFlix Team

Farewell, EzyFlix.

Campbell Simpson also contributed to this article.