Alphabet's Online Brand Ain't Much Right Now

Briefly B is for Brand, and Alphabet (Google's confusing new parent company) hasn't been paying attention to it in the lead up to launch.

At the time of the new company's launch, Alphabet doesn't own its own domain name (, nor does it own Twitter accounts related to its brand.

Both @Alphabet and @abcxyz (the company's new URL shortener) are both owned by others. In fact, @Alphabet had quite the Monday evening online as the company relaunched:

Poor Chris Andrikanich from Cleveland, Ohio.

Of course, Google/Alphabet has buy-anything money, so I'm sure if they want that handle, they'll go to Chris with a hefty incentive.

Update: Alphabet probably won't go and buy Chris' Twitter account. It's already living on @Alphabetinc.

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