You Can Buy The Pebble Time Smartwatch Right Now

You Can Buy The Pebble Time Smartwatch Right Now

Who needs a $1000 smartwatch, anyway? At least that’s the question Pebble want you to ask yourself when considering their news today: the brand spanking new $US200 Pebble Time is available right now.

It’s the first time that the new smartwatch has been offered to the general public following yet another Kickstarter success story for the Pebble start-up.

The Time is a smart wristwatch with a tiny computer inside, plus a tiny 1.25-inch colour e-paper screen that delivers notifications from your smartphone, easy access to your calendar, and tiny apps.

It works with both Android and iOS and features four buttons to scroll and select things. You also get a microphone to send voice replies to texts and emails, sensors so it can act as a basic fitness tracker, enough waterproofing for a vigorous swim, no limit on the number of apps you can install, unlike the original Pebble.

It’s also super-customisable, with removable lugs so you can attach any standard 22mm band.

It’s available for $US199 right now.