Watch: A Live Stream Of A Netherlands Roundabout

Video: Bored? Wish you were out enjoying the world, driving around roundabouts? Well, wish no more -- now you can watch a roundabout in action, in the heart of the Netherlands. It's kinda fun.

The video live stream is currently enjoying a surge in popularity thanks to Reddit's /r/videos, which might explain the chalk drawing of an anthromorphic penis and hand-scratched website URLs on the portion of the roundabout facing the camera. Someone also tried to put sunglasses on it.

It's pretty quiet at the moment, since it's almost 4AM in the morning, but activity should pick up as dawn breaks. The camera is run by the guys at Archie, a Dutch customer relationship management software provider -- it's on top of the building that you can see in the background of this photo, snapped by a couple of Redditors who decided to go and visit. [YouTube]


    Full disclosure: I spent way too long looking at this

    Why have I just sat for a half hour watching this? WHY?!?!

    Why are my comments STILL being moderated?

    Last edited 15/07/15 12:20 pm

    it’s almost 4AM in the morning
    Well it's not likely to be 4AM in the afternoon is it?

    Anyone seen a turn left?
    The last 5 all went straight through.
    Come on lefty!
    This is sad, watching on PC while posting on iPad.

      New drinking game:
      Whenever someone turns left, everyone has a drink!

    Well, they all drive better than the idiots that drive here. If it was here in Australia there'd be an accident in the first five minutes with a smattering of people driving the wrong way and a few old people at a complete stop not knowing what to do next.

    This is literally the most interesting thing to happen all day

    Yep, this is the epitome of human achievement.

    I saw a Domino's truck.

    edit... for clarification live stream is the epitome not me seeing a domino's truck.

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    Just saw someone on a scooter (or similar) go from the right of screen, turn left into the center, stop and wave at the camera, then continue to the bottom of screen completing the left turn.

    Woo Hoo. Why was this so satisfying?

    A guy just went left to basically do a U-turn.

    4.52am, sedan drove from upper left to lower right! Interestingly, although he was technically going straight through he still indicated as he left the roundabout, that's weird, Netherlanders are strange...

    And now its 11.40pm and there are a couple of dudes in shorts taking photos of the roundabout, they are wandering around the bottom left and into the road. There are people out running, actually there are more on foot than in cars - what are you doing out so late Netherlands?

    It's gone now. :(

    From what i can gather the local police and council forced them to turn it off.

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