Watch: A Live Stream Of A Netherlands Roundabout

Video: Bored? Wish you were out enjoying the world, driving around roundabouts? Well, wish no more — now you can watch a roundabout in action, in the heart of the Netherlands. It's kinda fun.

The video live stream is currently enjoying a surge in popularity thanks to Reddit's /r/videos, which might explain the chalk drawing of an anthromorphic penis and hand-scratched website URLs on the portion of the roundabout facing the camera. Someone also tried to put sunglasses on it.

It's pretty quiet at the moment, since it's almost 4AM in the morning, but activity should pick up as dawn breaks. The camera is run by the guys at Archie, a Dutch customer relationship management software provider — it's on top of the building that you can see in the background of this photo, snapped by a couple of Redditors who decided to go and visit. [YouTube]

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