There Are 10 Drives And 80TB Of Storage Hiding Inside This Tower

There Are 10 Drives And 80TB Of Storage Hiding Inside This Tower

By now, most of us have made the transition from a bulky desktop computer to a sleek laptop. But Buffalo makes a strong case for making room for a non-descript tower on your desk again with its Thunderbolt 2 DriveStation Ultra that’s filled to the brim with hard drives and storage.

Inside the DAS — or direct attached storage — that looks like an old-school tower PC are 10 helium-filled enterprise-calibre 8TB hard drives that are designed for continuous and reliable use. When used in a RAID 0 configuration with no redundancy, that equates to a hefty 80TB of storage. But the DAS also supports RAID 5 and RAID 6 options as well if you’re paranoid about your data and don’t mind sacrificing a little storage space for peace of mind.

The DriveStation Ultra’s write speeds max out a speedy 1243 MB/s, and the tower includes multiple connectivity options like USB 3.0, eSATA, and a pair of Thunderbolt 2 ports. But if 80TB isn’t enough, those two Thunderbolt 2 ports allow up to six DriveStation Ultra’s to be daisy-chained together for a combined storage capacity of 2.88 Petabytes.

As for pricing, the DriveStation Ultra obviously doesn’t come cheap. The 80TB version comes with a $US10,000 price tag, but there’s also a cheaper 40TB model for just $US4800 if your storage needs aren’t as demanding. But if you’re even considering a tower DAS like this, why not just go all out to ensure you won’t run out of space for at least another year — or decade, more likely.