The 10 Best Slow-Mo Videos The Slow-Mo Guys Have Ever Done

The 10 Best Slow-Mo Videos The Slow-Mo Guys Have Ever Done

Everything looks better in slow motion. Especially cocking about with your mates while making massive explosions. The Slow-Mo Guys on YouTube have millions of subscribers and loads of great slow-motion videos, but which ones are best? Here’s our top 10.

Wondering who the Slow Mo Guys are? Check out the above video to get an idea!

Don’t try any of these at home…

Blowing Up A Building With Grenades

You know how it goes. You’ve got some fragmentation grenades kicking about the house and you want to set off a massive explosion inside a building. Usual weekend faire for the Slow Mo Guys.

Fully Automatic Assault Rifle at 18,000fps

Ever wondered how an automatic rifle looks in slow motion? Wonder no longer.

Giant Paint Explosion

This left Dan with glass impacted in his finger. Not a good idea to try at home.

Mousetrap Chain Reaction

This is just cruel.

CD Shattering At 17,000fps

How hard do you have to spin a CD to have it shatter? And what does it look like while it shatters?

Slow Motion Vomit

Proceed with caution.

Paint on a Speaker

Yeah, that speaker is never going to work again.

Exploding Butane Gas Canisters

Of all the videos they’ve done, this is one of the most dangerous.

Giant Water Balloon

This thing just won’t break.

Flint and Steel

Survival skills look better in slow motion.