Playing Bing Pong Is The Best Thing You Can Do With Bing

Playing Bing Pong Is the Best Thing You Can Do With Bing

In its continuing efforts to show how cool and down with the kids it is, Microsoft has added a video game from 1972 to Bing. Yes, this will consume all your remaining spare time this evening.

Sure, this is a shameless copy of the sort of thing Google has been doing for years, adding fun and quirky Easter eggs into otherwise horribly grown-up search results. But throw all the jaded cynicism you want at Microsoft (seriously, the comments are just below), this is still a hell of a lot of fun.

To get the game, just go to Bing (that's, in case you've never visited) and search for Pong.

[Bing via Microsoft News]



    What another article from Gizmodo, hanging crap on Microsoft!? Haha typical.

      *Checks calendar* Yes I can confirm it is another day ending in 'y'.

    it doesnt work!

    I tried searching for pong on bing and got a lot of articles saying that a game will appear, but no game. Is there some weird region-locking thing going on?

    Nope, I won my first game 5 - 1 no need to play on.

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