Netflix, Stan and Presto Bundled Together Thanks To Telstra TV

Netflix, Stan and Presto Bundled Together Thanks To Telstra TV

Media streaming is amazing — but with multiple competing services in Australia, getting all your favourite shows in one spot can be tricky. Teaming up with Roku, Telstra TV could make streaming a whole lot simpler.

Of course, you can already sign up to whatever streaming services you want, but having them all in the one place with dedicated hardware is pretty handy. The deal isn’t unexpected either, as Telstra has been talking with the streaming services for some time.

Partnering with Roku is also a smart play, as the hardware is excellent and already loved and used by plenty of people. Telstra TV will be using the Roku 2.

Telstra will be launching the service in September, but for now there is no release price. Hopefully it will offer a compelling discount over getting the big three separately – under $30 a month would make it hard to say no.

Telstra TV will also include some TV catch up services as well as new releases from the Bigpond Movies.

The hardware is expected to cost around $100, and will likely bring some new home plans along with it. The catch is of course that you have to be on a Telstra fixed line broadband service to get access.

What streaming services do you currently use?

Will an all in one bundle for the right price tempt you over to Telstra?