LA's #100days100nights Gang Murder Bet Is Probably BS

LA's #100days100nights Gang Murder Bet Is Probably Bullshit

You don't need to pray for LA.

According to social media, Los Angeles is about a week into a planned eruption of sweeping gang violence, with the hashtagged goal of killing people for #100days100nights. But this is most likely not a public safety hazard in LA — it's a dumb meme that capitalises on racial anxiety.

After a member of the South LA gang Rollins 100's was killed earlier this month, a rumour emerged on Twitter that mourning gang members had vowed to seek vengeance by nonstop murdering anyone in their path for 100 days. Shootings last week fuelled fears that the onslaught had begun, and that it would continue through Halloween. Warnings to avoid a swath of South Central LA spread, along with rumours that the spree of violence would be a kind of pissing contest held by the rival gang members on Twitter:

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