It's Snowing In Parts Of Australia And The Photos Are Great

Schools are closed; trains are cancelled: snow is falling around New South Wales and parts of Queensland, and the photos are awesome.

If you live anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere and get an annual dusting of the cold stuff, you probably don't understand why this is a big deal.

Australia is hot. Even in Winter. A Winter's day can deliver temperatures as high as mid-20 degrees Celcius. Over the last few weeks, however, Australia has been blasted by cold fronts coming up from the Antarctic. Temperatures have been through the floor, and the nation's snow tourists couldn't have been happier.

Overnight, the temperature dropped to around zero degrees around New South Wales and Queensland, and the snow started to fall.

Here's what it looked like on social media.

If only there was some advice you could follow about how to stay warm when it's cold outside...

Snow image via Shutterstock

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