If Studio Ghibli Did Cthulhu, The Toys Would Look Like This

One would never describe the nightmarish visions of horror author HP Lovecraft as "cute" or "adorable", yet here we are. Etsy crafter Mari Axel has an array of knitted (and eminently cuddly) Cthulhu toys available for purchase for a loved one who plans to never sleep again.

OK, so they're hardly terrifying. In fact, I can think of few Lovecraft-themed gifts you could have perched on your couch, bed or other soft thing that would be less scary to animals and children.

It's the perfect compromise between addressing the Old One-influenced desires of a friend or partner, minus any unsightliness or descents into hells unknown.

If you're keen on owing one, two or more of these toys, they go for around $30-40 a pop and you'll need to add $13 for shipping. In terms of dimensions, they vary from 10-20cm square.

Head over to Mari's Etsy store to see all the options.

[Etsy, via Nerd Approved]

Photos: Mari Axel

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