How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla Model S?

How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla Model S?

Surely owning an all-electric Tesla Model S is cheaper than powering your car on expensive liquefied dinosaurs, right? Just how much will it cost you to charge a Tesla in your garage every night?

So far, Tesla owners have driven over a billion miles in their cars collectively, and the company is gearing up to celebrate the next billion miles of emission-free motoring. But at what cost are all these people running their cars?

From almost empty, Tesla Australia tells us that the Model S should cost around $20 to charge up to 100 per cent. That full battery — depending on the kind of Model S you own — should get you anywhere from 420-502km before being fully empty again. Compared to a full tank of fuel which can cost up to $100 per fill-up depending on your model, that’s already considerably cheaper.

Tesla Australia adds that it doesn’t expect its users to be filling their batteries up from absolutely empty every single night, which means that the $20 estimate is a theoretical maximum cost. Most times, it will be cheaper than that.

Of course, all this is also dependent on your energy provider’s on- and off-peak rates and your green energy gear at home.

Tesla is also looking forward to the introduction of the battery storage Powerwall product into Australia so that it can further evangelise green power to its Model S customers.