Heroes Reborn: Watch The First Trailer For The 'Heroes' Reboot

Ah, Comic Con. It's already given us so much (see: Star Wars, Batman v Superman, Ash vs Evil Dead). Now we get some more geeky goodness in the form of a trailer for Heroes: Reborn.

Heroes: Reborn is the reboot to the original Heroes that debuted on NBC in 2006. After a promising first season, a strike involving the Writer's Guild of America took its toll on the series as it continued, and it died a slow and messy death in 2010.

The new reboot sees popular characters like Noah Bennett, Hiro Nakamura, Micah Sanders and Matt Parkman return for another go around in a world where people with powers, now known as "Evos", are being hunted a la X-Men.

Loads of action, tonnes of intrigue and some awesome-looking super-powers has me back on board for this reboot.

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