Here’s Every Detail About Motorola’s New Budget Moto G

Here’s Every Detail About Motorola’s New Budget Moto G

Motorola won’t be officially launching the new version of its venerable budget smartphone until next week, but it might as well cancel the event: thanks to an accidental leak on Moto’s site, we already have all the details.

The Moto Maker page for the new phone was briefly live on Motorola’s site — certainly, it was there long enough to be captured by an intrepid Redditor. Brazilian retailer Americanas also had its promo video for the G live for a short period of time. Between the two, we can piece together everything important about the new phone.

If this is some elaborate troll, it’s a mighty dull one: everything points to this being an evolutionary upgrade. The specs look good, as you would expect from the phone that introduced the concept of good budget phones: a Full HD (likely 720p) screen, Snapdragon 410 processor, 1GB or 2GB of RAM at your choosing, and a 13MP rear camera. The main disappointment comes in the form of a base 8GB of internal storage, although there’s a 16GB version available, and a microSD card slot to boot.

The big changes come in the form of customisation, which has long been Motorola’s selling point. It looks like there’s a long list of colour options for the metal accents and back panel, while for the front panel you can choose between black and white. The IPx7 waterproof rating is also still shown.

All in all: decent performance in an attractive package (assuming you don’t do a turquoise back with violet highlights). If the price stays at $US200, Motorola might well hold onto that crown.