Government Taskforce To Review Ridesharing And Taxi Industries

Government Taskforce To Review Ridesharing And Taxi Industries

With the rapid growth of transport services such as Uber, it’s no surprise that the current rules need an overhaul. It’s not just ridesharing either – existing taxi regulations will be examined to ensure a more even playing field. But who will come out on top?

Andrew Constance (Minister for Transport and Infrastructure) has established an independent taskforce to review the future of the industries

Uber has already welcomed the taskforce and review — calling it a victory for competition, consumers and choice. Uber has also stated that they will be actively involved in the process, and wants drivers and riders to make their voices heard.

Of course hopefully this can all happen without getting out of control, unlike in Paris where taxi drivers actually burnt cars in a riot against Uber.

Uber is also already fighting for it’s rights in Queensland, and earlier in the year stated it wanted to create 20,000 jobs in Australia by the end of 2015.

Drivers have also had issues with the Tax Office and Uber has taken issue with the Government charging GST.

What do you want the outcome of the review to be? Should Uber face extra regulation, or should taxis be allowed more freedoms to compete with ridesharing?

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