Facebook Really Would Like You To Use GIFs In Messenger

Facebook Really Would Like You to Use GIFs in Messenger

I'm personally doubtful that GIFs need more help in taking over the internet, but then again, I don't have Mark Zuckerberg's vision (or even two lowly commas).

Facebook appears to be testing a new built-in way to search GIFs and stickers in Messenger, with the feature available to select users in Canada and Australia. Although you've been able to install a third-party app to send GIFs for a few months now, this new update would allow even the least tech-savvy tween to troll Giphy for annoying images — you just have to tap a magnifying glass in the text bar, and you get images which, with one simple touch, can get you instantly unfriended.

It does work fairly well — Giphy is still Giphy, even when pretending to be Facebook — but whether it should work well is a whole separate thing. The Zuckerbeast has a habit of testing features on a small number of users in one region (because who cares if you annoy Australians), in order to test something before rolling it out worldwide. In other words: there's a hope that your messages might not get infected with GIFs in the near future. We can only live in hope.


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