Expect Big Performance Boosts From Intel’s Skylake Chips

Expect Big Performance Boosts From Intel’s Skylake Chips

Intel’s integrated GPUs have never been fast performers, but in the last few years they’ve gone from being utterly terrible to kind-of competitive with NVIDIA and AMD’s low-end mobile stuff. The trend looks to continue with Intel’s Skylake architecture which, according to leaked slides, could have up to 40 per cent better 3D performance than Broadwell.

According to presentation snaps secured by Fanless Tech, Skylake’s Y and U mobile series processors will be 17 and 10 per cent faster respectively than its previous generation hardware at CPU tasks, while gaming performance could be as much as 41 and 34 per cent better.

The desktop S series will also see CPU gains of up to 11 per cent, while thermal design power (TDP) has been reduced by 22 per cent (from 84 to 65W).

The folks over at Windows Central speculate Skylake should make an appearance in the Surface Pro 4 — whenever it’s announced. Going by the architecture boosted connectivity features, which include Bluetooth 4.1, LTE Advanced and wireless charging, it’s technology very well suited for tablet and mobile computer applications.

If you’re holding out to upgrade, you shouldn’t have to wait much longer, with Skylake slated for release in early August.

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Images: Fanless Tech