Watch 600 Years Of The USS Enterprise In 40 Seconds

The Star Trek franchise lives on in movie form, but before it got its shiny, lens-flare filled reboot, the USS Enterprise was portrayed in many shapes and sizes via various TV series. This short video shows the different variations of the vessel, from ocean-faring ship to interstellar cruiser.

Put together by PicClick, the clip starts from 1775 with the first, somewhat saltier, Enterprise, going all the way through to 2372 where the more science fiction inspired creations exist. Below each image is a measurement of the ship's size in metres, so you can get an idea of just how large each craft is compared to its fellows.

Those looking for the rebooted version of the Enterprise from the latest JJ Abrams movies... you're going to be disappointed. The clip ends with the NCC-1701-E — the Sovereign class ship last seen in Star Trek Nemesis.

[YouTube, via CNET]

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