Track Matt Damon's Mission To Mars With Crew Video Logs From The Martian

Video: The Martian won't be out in cinemas until the end of November this year, but you can enjoy an early teaser with the first of several three-minute videos — showing life from the characters' perspectives as they begin their five-month journey from Earth to the Red Planet.

In this short clip, Matt Damon's main character Mark Watney takes Earth viewers on a Periscope-esque tour of the Hermes — the massive spacebound ship that shuttles Ares missions to and from Mars. Ares 3 is, obviously, the third mission of its kind, and Watney is along for the ride to conduct botanical experiments using Martian soil.

In this video log you'll meet specialists Beth Johanssen (Kate Mara), pilot Rick Martinez (Michael Pena), surgeon Chris Beck (Sebastian Stan) and mission commander Melissa Lewis (Jessica Chastain). Everything is all friendly and lovey-dovey — just in space. [YouTube]

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