This Guy Spent $US120,000 Recreating Mad Max's Ford Falcon

The Mad Max hype may have died down somewhat, but its renewed legacy is still kicking on. One enterprising fan in the US who got into the franchise long before its recent reboot, couldn't help but recreate Mad Max's interceptor and yes, it was built using a Ford Falcon from the 70s.

Michigan-based Dale Walter managed to track down a 1972 Ford Falcon for the conversion and while some might consider that quite the catch, it was not love at first sight for Walter:

"When I first saw it I remember saying 'I have never paid more money in my life for a bigger piece of junk.'"

A piece of junk? You be the judge.

Yeah, it's not so flash. That didn't stop him from shelling out $US120,000 to have the Falcon modified to look like Max's interceptor from the original trilogy though, with $US12,000 spent on the engine — a 355kW 351 Cleveland.

I guess given the choice of building a car from Mad Max and a flame-throwing musical instrument... I'd go with the more practical (yet expensive) option.

[YouTube, via Speed Society]

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