The Steam Summer Sale Is Back Again, And The Deals Are Awesome

Get your wallet ready: Steam is slashing prices on sweet games in the annual Summer sale.

Here are a few of our picks for today:

• There are massive deals on the Grand Theft Auto franchise. GTA V and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas can be bought in a pack for $US74.98, or you can get GTA V plus a $1,250,000 in-game Great White Shark card for Online play for $71.23. • Both seasons of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games are 50 per cent off at $US12.49. • Speaking of Telltale, The Wolf Among Us is also half-price at $US12.49. • The newly-released Kerbal Space Program has 15 per cent off at $US33.99. • The awesome Tomb Raider reboot is only $US9.99; a 50 per cent discount. • Deus Ex: Human Revolution will only set you back $US9.99, too. • Civilisation: Beyond Earth has been absolutely slashed down to $US44.99 from $US89.99 The must-play FTL: Faster Than Light is down to $US4.99. Such a bargain.

All these deals and more can be found on the Steam home page today.

What's your favourite Steam sale bargain? Tell us in the comments!

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