The Apple Campus 2 Is Coming Along Nicely, Thanks

The Apple Campus 2 Is Coming Along Nicely, Thanks

Apple’s massive, round, $900 million Campus 2 is a year and a half into construction, and it’s actually looking pretty far along the way to completion. A triptych of geospatial mapping images captured by nearmap shows how far along it has come in just that short time.

Here’s that image, courtesy of nearmap’s roving high-res mapping cameras:

The giant tech Mecca is expected to hold 13,000 employees, and will include 28,000m2 of research and development facilities, a 1000-seat auditorium, and a cafe in which 3000 people can sit at once. The campus will even produce the majority of its own electricity through a natural gas plant and other more environmentally-friendly tech like solar. It’ll even have an orchard (apples, we hope).

Here’s how the campus started out construction when it finally broke ground, after a couple of years of delays, in August 2014:

And a few months later:

And then the most recent image captured by nearmap, in February of this year:

Nearmap is a “geospatial mapping and visual analytics company” — they provide super-high-resolution aerial and satellite photography to businesses, but also let punters just look at their houses. The nearmap team in Australia also shares a lot of cool satellite photos on its Twitter feed, too: