The Apple Campus 2 Is Coming Along Nicely, Thanks

Apple's massive, round, $900 million Campus 2 is a year and a half into construction, and it's actually looking pretty far along the way to completion. A triptych of geospatial mapping images captured by nearmap shows how far along it has come in just that short time.

Here's that image, courtesy of nearmap's roving high-res mapping cameras:

The giant tech Mecca is expected to hold 13,000 employees, and will include 28,000m2 of research and development facilities, a 1000-seat auditorium, and a cafe in which 3000 people can sit at once. The campus will even produce the majority of its own electricity through a natural gas plant and other more environmentally-friendly tech like solar. It'll even have an orchard (apples, we hope).

Here's how the campus started out construction when it finally broke ground, after a couple of years of delays, in August 2014:

And a few months later:

And then the most recent image captured by nearmap, in February of this year:

Nearmap is a "geospatial mapping and visual analytics company" -- they provide super-high-resolution aerial and satellite photography to businesses, but also let punters just look at their houses. The nearmap team in Australia also shares a lot of cool satellite photos on its Twitter feed, too:



    It's such a shame that they don't do a free plan anymore.

    Nearmap was good while free, then the pricing went to thousands a year for basic info already available for free in Google Earth, then the QLD Government release QLD Globe and it uses paid recent photos (some from nearmap) for free and its updated annually.

    And what gives them the right to snoop over and check the houses that have solar or not and use/sell that information for $$$'s?
    Drones flying around, hovering with cameras at people's pool, backyards, etc .... c'mon it sounds like the promo of CSI:Cyber, Technology has brought strangers into our houses.

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