Earlier today, I casually posted a tweet that featured a man from the future riding the L train into Manhattan. We know he's from the future because he's wearing a VR headset and he's, like, totally having a VR experience. Now, we are proud to share EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of the future.

The video comes to us thanks to the vigilant John Behlmann, who reports:

"It took this guy a good 2-3 stops to get his head geared up, and we all knew we were in for a treat. It was maybe the greatest NYC-is-magic-we're-all-on-the-same-subway-car-HOLY-HELL-are-you-guys-seeing-what-I'm-seeing moment I've had. And the person we were gawking at couldn't even see or hear us. So we all had complete licence to stare, and boy did we ever. Even the Subway preacher stopped to gaze. All things told, this guy was polite, quiet, and totally unashamed. You've got to give him props for total and utter disengagement with the world around him. He had the courage to do what those of us with earbuds in can only pretend at. That might be greatness. I might even respect him."

Now you might be thinking, as did I, that this might have all been a stunt. Today was a big Oculus Rift event. Was this a very clever idea to remind us about the Samsung Gear VR?

That VR Guy Riding the Subway NOW WITH EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

To me, it doesn't matter. VR Guy, if you're still out there wandering Manhattan and can read this, we respect you. We might even love you. Please come forward and tell us more about what the future holds?

[John Behlmann, h/t Gothamist]

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