Lufthansa Redefines Unnecessary Luxury With Fireplaces For Private Jets

Lufthansa Redefines Unnecessary Luxury With Fireplaces For Private Jets

If you were lucky enough to have your own private plane, you’d think flying wherever and whenever you wanted without being crammed in coach would be enough. But apparently luxury demands more luxury, which is why Lufthansa Technik developed a fireplace for planes. Yep, it’s OK to audibly sigh now.

Recently spotted at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland (think Toy Fair for billionaires) by Airline Reporter, the fireplace concept will be the first of its kind for private planes and will actually heat the interior of the aircraft.

So why won’t regulatory safety bodies like the FAA shut this idea down immediately? Because Lufthansa Technik’s fireplace doesn’t actually have any fire in it. It’s completely simulated using water mist, sound effects, and fake logs that appear to glow and crackle. So toasting a marshmallow while soaring across the Atlantic is still a [needless] fantasy.

The fire effect and temperature can be adjusted using an included remote control, but at 66 pounds, having the fireplace installed might result in a reduction in the plane’s cargo capacity. Even jet-setting billionaires have to be mindful of how much they pack for a trip and having to choose between a cosy interior and a few extra Armani suits might be a tough call. [Lufthansa Technik via Airline Reporter]

Picture: Airline Reporter