Here's How Hormone Therapy Aids Gender Transition

People who are transitioning genders want to look like the sex they're transitioning to. Hormone therapy can help with that, since the characteristics that help us distinguish men and women by sight -- breasts, relative muscle mass, the shape of the face, and so forth -- are created by the sex hormones our gonads start secreting at puberty.

Both sexes make testosterone and oestrogen, but in different proportions: men have more testosterone, women more oestrogen. The latest Reactions video from the American Chemical Society explains how readjusting the proportion of these hormones in their bodies helps trans men and women start to shift the way they look.


    Can hormone therapy change your chromosomes?

      Chromosomes are a small part of what makes up the gender of a person. There are a few variations of chromosomes among various people although there are obviously the more common xy and xx which most peers associate to the specified buckets that society put people in for gender.
      Most people never get tested for what their chromosome makeup is (there is not really a need to know in common instances),

      A question back to you, if you found your chromosomal makeup to be 'different from the norm' would that make you any less of the person you are or the gender you identify as?

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    I love that we have the knowledge to do this. I hope one day science progress' us to the point where a trans female can have their own children.

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