Gigabyte's Ultraforce: Gaming Power Inside Everyday Laptops

Gigabyte has an entirely refreshed range of Ultraforce gaming laptops at Computex 2015. The new laptops aren't quite as out there in their designs as Gigabyte's sister brand AORUS — in fact, they're positively mainstream — but the hardware inside is anything but boring.

That's not to say that the laptops are bland; they're clean in the same way that the MacBook is. I mean, look at this beauty:

The Ultraforce P-Series laptop range spans 14 to 17 inches in screen size, with appropriately massive graphics performance thanks to Nvidia's GTX 900-series chips across the range. Intel's 14-nanometre Broadwell Core i7 chips are used, too. After enjoying the P35 and the P34, it's good to see the range broadened and updated a little to suit the latest computing hardware available.

Gigabyte sets itself apart by using dual SSDs in high-speed RAID 0 setups in most of its laptops, along with double the graphics RAM of some of its competitors. Some of the laptops have optical drives, but rather than being held back by legacy standards Gigabyte is devoting more internal space to additional large-capacity hard drives and high-speed wireless 802.11ac chips, as well as larger speaker setups — these are notebooks made for gaming and movie watching as much as they are for workday productivity.

The P37X is the halo product, a 17-inch monster still with a relatively slim chassis. You get a dedicated set of macro keys along the keyboard's left, next to the typically Gigabyte short-travel keyboard that makes typing feel quick if not especially comfortable for incredibly long periods of writing — for gaming, though, it's just about as good as any laptop you're going to get.

There's equivalent high-end and mainstream notebooks all through the range, really, with the P55, a new P35, that new aforementioned P34, and more affordable P17 and P15 alternatives.

Gigabyte's stand at Computex is filled with plenty of other interesting tech, too, including an Internet-of-Things-enabled vending machine and the latest iteration of its BRIX small form factor PCs. [Gigabyte]

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