Force Touch Is Reportedly Coming To iPhone

Force Touch Is Reportedly Coming To iPhone

Ahoy, an Apple rumour! Unnamed sources tell Bloomberg Business Apple has begun production on an iPhone model equipped with Force Touch, the same haptic feedback feature that made its debut this year in the Apple Watch and the company’s new MacBook.

The introduction of Force Touch to iPhone is being hailed by some as Apple’s latest manoeuvre to keep pace with the likes of Samsung, whose Galaxy S6’s screen can be viewed from the side. But touch sensors aside, don’t expect the new iPhone to look all that different: according to Bloomberg’s nameless whisperers, at least, the exterior design will be very, very similar to that of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

If all goes well, full-scale manufacturing of the new phone could start as early as July, so if you’re an iOS user, better start mastering those two-stage clicks soon.

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