Dinosaurs Chomping On Play-Doh People Sounds Like A Really Great Game

In Jurassic Park, its sequels and Jurassic World, there are plenty of people being eaten by dinosaurs. But the toys released alongside those Jurassic movies usually tip-toe around that ugly reality. Except for Play-Doh, who wholeheartedly encourages kids to make tiny plasticine people destined to be dino dinner. Awesome.

That’s not exactly how Hasbro is marketing its $US20 Jurassic World Wreck ‘n Roar Dinosaur Game, but that’s basically how it’s played. It comes with a pair of T-rex dinosaurs with exposed bones and ribs that you first cover with Play-Doh, as well as a set of cookie cutters letting you make smaller Play-Doh people and dinosaurs.

Each T-rex has a biting action so a couple of players just go at it, attacking each other’s dinosaurs, trying to tear off bits of Play-Doh flesh, while gobbling up smaller Play-Doh prey. If Hasbro were marketing this game directly to kids, they could just come out and say it’s all about the gore and it would easily sell millions of copies. But kids don’t have paying jobs, so Hasbro has to convince parents that Wreck n’ Roar isn’t really about dinosaurs tearing each other apart — when clearly that’s ALL it’s about. [Hasbro via GeekAlerts]