Bethesda Is Making A Real-Life Pip Boy 3000 With Fallout 4

Collector's editions are often so full of crappy little trinkets that I wonder why anyone ever buys them. Bethesda probably wondered that too, and decided to step the collector's edition up a notch and give you a real-life Pip Boy 3000 with purchase.

A Pip Boy 3000 is an in-game gadget that your character is given at his or her coming of age in the world of the Vault. It signifies you're ready to take on the tasks of an adult, and serves as your in-game inventory and development companion in the Fallout-universe.

People have been making replicas for years, but in 2015's world of smartwatches, Bethesda has decided to give you a real-life Pip Boy 3000 with Fallout 4.

The collector's edition of the game will come with a replica Pip Boy 3000 wrist cuff that fits phones of all sizes, and an app for your smart device that lets you simulate the wasteland gadget.

Shut up and take my bottle caps!

Fallout 4 comes out in November.

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