Aussie University Bans Watches In Exams Over Cheating Risk

Briefly: Get your wrists out, students: the University Of New South Wales knows you're using smartwatches to cheat during exams.

That's right: all digital watches are banned from exam rooms under the proposal by UNSW Pro-Vice Chancellor Wai Fong Chua.

She told the Daily Telegraph that digital watches now fall under the same restrictions as mobile phones and other devices.

Students will have to place their watches in clear plastic bags and plce them under their desks during the tests.

Those looking to tell the time will have to make do with big clocks on the walls of exam rooms.

This isn't a blanket ban on smartwatches across all state universities, however, which means that you've still got time to load all of your notes onto your Android Wear or Apple Watch before the Chancellor reads this article. Go, go, go!

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