Apple Bows To Taylor Swift, Promises To Pay Artists During Apple Music Trial Period

Taylor Swift is now an agent of social change.

After penning an open letter to Apple this morning over its policy of not paying artists during the three-month Apple Music trial period, Swift has received a reply from the company's head of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue.

For those playing at home, Eddy Cue got up on stage and introduced the world to Apple Music at this year's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco. He also dropped some amazing dad-style dance moves in the process.

Apple plans on giving all users on its iOS platform access to the Music app free of charge for three months, and according to Taylor the company won't pay artists for their streams for that period of time. Which sucks if you're not as rich and successful as Taylor Swift.

T-Swizzle this morning said that no artist should have to work for free for three months, adding that she wouldn't be giving the new service the ability to stream her latest album 1989.

Eddy Cue this afternoon fired off a series of tweets in his own open letter to the twenty-something singer/songwriter/social revolutionary:

So there we have it: Apple is forking out for you to have three months of free Music after all.

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