10 Of The Best Photos Of Vivid Sydney 2015

Vivid Sydney is over for another year. Some people — those that work and live in the central city included — might say good riddance, but for most it's a joy to walk through the CBD at night and enjoy the illuminating artworks on show. Canon master photographer Richard I'Anson has captured some stunning shots of the installations that have cluttered graced Sydney for the last couple of weeks.

Richard I'Anson is a travel photographer and Canon Master, using a kit that usually comprises a couple of EOS 1DX full-frame pro cameras, usually with the holy trinity of 16-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm L zoom lenses mounted.

Here are some beautiful night-time photos he captured at Vivid Sydney 2015 — you'll recognise the Opera House, the Museum of Contemprorary Art, and the Argyle Street tunnel, along with a host of other amazing shots.

[Richard I'Anson / Canon]

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