TPG's New Mobile Plan: 6GB Of Data For $45 Per Month

Need some cheap mobile data to go along with your unlimited calls and texts? TPG's new mobile plans include 6GB of data for a $45 monthly fee, using the Optus network.

Mobile phone image via Shutterstock

TPG uses the Optus 4G network for all its plans, so you can be assured of fast download speeds. You get unlimited calls and SMS text messages as well, and you can either sign up on a 24-month contract or opt for month-by-month payment with no contracts and no termination fees. The new XXL plan is the one you want from TPG — thanks to our friends at Lifehacker for the heads up.

Also in the running in the cheap mobile data stakes is the also-Optus-using Amaysim, who has 5GB for $45 and 6GB for $55. Also on Optus 4G is Vaya, who has 3GB for $44, or a full 7GB for $43 if you're prepared to go data-only. If you want to switch to Vodafone or Telstra, you'll pay a bit more. [Lifehacker / TPG]

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