King Living's Smart Sofa Charges Your Smartphone, Remembers Your Seating Position

I've always wanted a giant comfortable electric recliner — it's that Gold Class movie-watching experience in the comfort of your own home (and the comfort of your own pyjamas). King Living has a new smart sofa with memory seats, a centre console to house a subwoofer, brackets for surround sound speakers, a wireless charging table and pockets and ports to channel cables for a media centre tablet.

King Living's King Cloud II was designed in Australia, and is fully modular — you can add in a centre console between two seats, for example, with enough storage space underneath to house a media centre PC or a tall, thin Sonos SUB-style subwoofer.

Up top, that media centre portion has a section for an iPad, as well as routing for a cable Around the rear and sides of the couch are pockets in which you can mount overhead LED lights, or maybe some Sonos PLAY:1-style rear speakers for 5.1 surround. The seats recline electrically, of course, and you can even save memory positions and recall them through a gesture control panel. There's also a swivel table coming soon that incorporates wireless charging.

You can jump onto King Living's website and spec up a King Cloud II to your wildest dreams. One problem, though — it's price upon request, which means you'll be adding a bunch of gizmos and awesome extras all without knowing exactly how much you're definitely going to be spending. [King Living]

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