These Electrical Overload Videos Are Explosively Satisfying

Mad scientists have a home on YouTube. Whether they’re building lasers or performing controlled explosions on the back patio, they’re raking in millions of views. Add Photonicinduction to the list of ridiculously rad YouTube channels with a taste for the combustible.

The star, Andy (aka Photon), whose YouTube page states he has 25 years of electrical engineering experience, greets us to his channel with the following:

Welcome to Photonicinduction’s place of Electrical Overload. This Channel is intended for Electrical Engineers and those with an Electrical interest to experience the extreme. YOU ARE ADVISED NOT TO REPEAT ANY OF THE EXPERIMENTS YOURSELF UNLESS QUALIFIED! Sit back and enjoy us doing these experiments!

“One man and plug socket = Mayhem,” he continues. He’s got over 145,000 subscribers and over 20 million views. His shtick is taking home appliances or other electronic devices and giving them more juice than they can handle. And watching them burn. Here’s some required viewing from his catalogue:

A smoking, massively overworked washing machine that gets a brick thrown in it and begins to convulse into oblivion.

Cranking plasma balls way past the recommended voltage.

A montage of overworked electric motors.

And coconut bombs, natch.

Also, obviously, we do not encourage you go try any of these at home. We do encourage you to wail IT’S ALIIIIIVE! while watching that plasma ball vid, though.