The Obscenely Extravagant Beach House Yacht You Can’t Afford

The Obscenely Extravagant Beach House Yacht You Can’t Afford

Ever wake up in the morning thinking “man, I sure wish I could combine my beach house and my yacht”? Probably not, because most of us don’t have the financial assets to even hypothetically entertain such wild ideas. Enter the “X-EASY” yacht, which does the imagining for you.

This 55 metre-long concept boat, designed by Pastrovich studio, is one of those luxury items that will leave you dreaming of a life on the ocean, thinking deep thoughts about income inequality, or both. If you need to ask how much it costs, it’s fair to say you can’t afford it. Still, what’s the harm in enjoying a few pictures of the beast?

According to its designers, the boat is intended to “simplify life at sea”. Its two decks include a number of indoor rooms whose expansive bay windows allow passengers to enjoy the view while avoiding the salt spray, along with a dedicated “wellness area” where you can do yoga or meditate or drink kale smoothies. For the more adventurous, the yacht comes with a small arsenal of sailboats, motorboats and standup paddle boards that can apparently dock alongside.

Oh, and is that a swimming pool it’s got in tow?

Only thing they seem to have forgotten is the aircraft pad that would allow the thing’s massive fuel tank to be refilled without docking. Oh well, I suppose even the super rich have to deal with a minor inconvenience every now and then.

All images via Pastrovich studio