The Fantastic Pushbullet App Has A Competitor With Microsoft OneClip

The Fantastic Pushbullet App Has A Competitor With Microsoft OneClip

I use a 15-inch MacBook Pro and one of several Android phones laying around the Gizmodo office, and sharing content between those two ecosystems is a bunch of garbage. Third-party apps like the fantastic Pushbullet app every phone should have help, but Microsoft thinks it has a better solution for the Windows crowd with OneClip.

Currently unreleased, the idea behind OneClip is simple: whatever smartphone you use — iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone — you can seamlessly move links, screenshots and images by combining one universal clipboard with Windows.

Copied an important phone number on your desktop? Boom, it’s right there on your phone and tablet, too. Need that screenshot of your phone sent to your desktop? Forget emailing, it’s already there. OneClip also automatically recognises what kind of data is coming in, whether images, phone numbers, or text, and categorizes them accordingly.

And its smarts go beyond just organizational skill; it will also never copy to the cloud any sensitive information, such as passwords apps from LastPass, and you can add more apps piecemeal over time.

I took a tour through pre-release Android Beta APK and its rough around the edges, but seems like it could be ready for the forthcoming release of Window 10, so we’ll soon have another fighter in battle to erase hardware boundaries. And there was great rejoicing.

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