Quickflix Will Offer Direct Access To Foxtel's Presto Movies And TV

When Quickflix entered a trading halt on the Australian Stock Exchange yesterday, we expected to write the story that the service was finally going bust in the wake of Netflix and Stan in the Australian market. Instead, it has today announced a new deal that could see it rise again: Quickflix is going to be a reseller of Foxtel's Presto service.

Presto is Foxtel's movie streaming service that sells you access to its catalogue of titles for just $10 per month. It recently announced a deal with Seven that would see it get into the TV streaming space as well. Now that Quickflix is in the mix, the whole thing gets a lot more interesting.

Details are scarce at this point, but Quickflix's announcement to the market indicates that it will be a distributor of Presto under the new agreement between the two companies.

Whether or not that means that Quickflix will offer a cheaper or a newly-tiered version of the Presto product remains to be seen. The announcement references Quickflix's deal hold on the postal DVD market in Australia, which means it may also offer the titles as physical copies to its customers as well.

Quickflix CEO Stephen Langsford said that a partnership with Foxtel was the obvious choice for the company.

"After a review of prospective partners, it was obvious that Presto has the most impressive line-up of subscription streaming movie and TV content and we are delighted to be able to deliver this to our existing and future customers through the Quickflix experience," Langsford said in a statement to the market today.

Quickflix is set to relaunch itself in the next few months with a brand new UI and the addition of titles from Presto. Stay tuned for the second coming of Quickflix.

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    Unless they offer HD I still won't consider it.

    I bet Quickflix's apps will be rebranded as Presto. I just hope that they move to HD and drop the $15 a month for both TV & movies and get a bit more competitive in the pricing.

    Quickflix is not very good, can't imagine any deal that involves Foxtel will make it a better service.

      That's interesting because when I checked them all out a few weeks ago, Quikflix had, by far, the best selection of stuff I wanted to watch. They'd get my money well ahead of Presto, Stan or Netflix.

        True but it also comes down to user experience, Netflix Oz doesn't have as big a range as Stan or Quickflix but its ranks way higher with me for its friendly ui and stability. Been using Netflix Oz for a while now and the performance and usability so far has been flawless across multiple devices i use it on from pc, tablet and phone all using different Operating systems. Reading reviews from people using Stan and they say the Ui is unfriendly and get constant crashes. Its great to have more content than the other guy but if you haven't got the infrastructure to back it up, then quite pointless.

          That sounds to me like putting the cart before the horse. Why would I care how good your interface is if you don't have anything I want to watch?

            You obviously work for quickflix, the content included in the streaming price is woeful and anything good you need to pay extra. I'm surprise they have lasted this long.

    I've been reluctant to sign up to Presto because of the not great number of devices I can use it on and the lack of HD, and I've been reluctant to sign up to Quickflix streaming because of the not great selection of content. This (potentially) solves both problems.

    I think an advantage Quickflix has is the software is already available on some of the "older" smart TVs (like on my 2012 model Panasonic Plasma), whereas Netflix support isnt coming my way soon as far as Ive read.

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