Margaret Atwood Will Periscope Her Secret Time Capsule Book

Margaret Atwood Will Periscope Her Secret Time Capsule Book

Author Margaret Atwood’s new book is going in a time capsule. And you won’t be able to read it for nearly 100 years. But wait! There’s a consolation prize for us mere mortals who won’t be around in 2114! Atwood will be livestreaming the encapsuling ceremony on Periscope next week.

Atwood’s new work is part of the Future Library project, organised by Scottish artist Katie Paterson. Each year a writer creates a literary work that won’t be seen until the 22nd century. All of the work will eventually be housed in the New Public Deichmanske Library in Oslo, Norway when it opens in 2018.

Atwood’s work is the first in what is imagined to be 100 pieces of writing that will be unveiled and printed in 2114. It’s unclear what exactly we’ll be watching during the livestream on May 26th. But Atwood is clearly excited about her “secret book.” We’ll just have to tune in to find out.

From Atwood:

There’s a secret book that no one will read for 100 years.

It is a book from the future, so it hasn’t been published yet.

It is kept in a locked room, in a Norwegian library.

There is a sacred grove that will provide the paper for its pages.

And there are 100 authors who will write its secret stories. 100 years. 100 stories. 100 different writers.

A thousand trees have been planted, which will be used to print Atwood and others’ work in the year 2114. You can watch a video about the project below. [Goodereader]

Photo: Margaret Atwood in 2008 via AP